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About Cathy Beier Leather

Welcome to my Webshop!

All the leather goods are designed and handmade by me- Cathy Beier.

I was born in China in a very historic and beautiful coastal city named Dalian. My independent life started after years arrived in Denmark for study in 2007.
Many of my work experiences I got from that time, which made meacious and made me, work
Hard Myself to succeed in my life. Met my Mr. Right Beier and after 3 years we got married. That was incredible, and we had been living one street next to each other for so long it must
have my fate to meet him.

After I finished my educations in 2013, two Academy Degrees and one British University Bachelor Degree in Business and
Management related major, we moved to Sweden. Where we started our
individual company and dreams. We opened a very beautiful store in Eskilstuna. The store into A webshop.

Maybe I was born on constellation Gemini, I am full of ideas.
I enjoy doing handcraft, and I am interested in learning new subjects all the time

All my products are handmade of real leather so each of them are unique.
If you have any ideas or want to have something custom made, please contact me by email or phone.

Thanks a lot for my husband Piet and our families; you are always my loyal supporters. I appreciate your advices and ideas!

This is my dream; it is my pleasure to meet all of you!

You are very welcome to follow me and my journey.



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